So nice to have, comfort food with an update, and FABULOUS! love it

Hollie Pryor

Everyone loves Two Dog

Thomas Bliss

It’s rare to find a place that knows what ‘Americana Style’ really is. It really is a Danish recipe adapted by the French, and then redesigned by a Northern Californian and that is then prepared by a Central American and an Italian adding their own twists. Most people just don’t get that.

Jeff Brown

We have been here for lunch twice, and loved it both times! Friendly service, and great food! A neat little place… the salt & pepper shakers, too!!

Deborah Williams

Sit back and relax and enjoy the atmosphere and friendly wait staff as the chefs prepare you a DELICIOUS meal! My first time there – watch out Mike O’Shay’s!

Nancy Bebo

I am visiting my sister who lives in Prospect. I like your diner. Not too many diners any more!! Also, I like the variety of your menu

Alison Benker